Day 107

Today I learned about the art movement of Fauvism, derived from the French word “fauve” (wild beast) and typified by the works of Henri Matisse. Paintings in this style minimize details and employ exaggerated colors to trigger emotions. (Speaking of art, here is an interesting update on the life, or rather death, of Vincent van Gogh.)

Today I meditated for 15 minutes of mindfulness. This article describes what mindfulness is (“intentionally paying attention to the present non-judgmentally”) and is not (“only about reducing stress. Or about emptying our minds of all thoughts. Or about religion”), how to practice it, and what it’s like.

Today I acted kindly by leaving envelopes containing scratch-and-win lottery tickets and friendly messages in several strangers’ mailboxes (wouldn’t it be exciting if one of them won?) and by buying a “suspended” muffin at a cafe in my neighborhood that has jumped on the suspended coffee bandwagon. (Bonus! Check out another random act of joy here.)


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