Day 99

Today I learned about the origins of scientists, who were called “natural philosophers” prior to 1833, and about how blood clots.

Today I meditated for 20 minutes. I had so much on my mind that it took about ten minutes for my thoughts to settle from their frenzy. Even my eyes were darting erratically under my eyelids. Sometimes I think, “Twenty minutes of meditation? Are you kidding? I have so much to do!” But after the initial ten minutes, I could finally let go, listen to the silence and sounds around me, and feel my breathing. Then, as always, I remembered why it’s worthwhile to make time for meditation: my thoughts dispersed as clouds into a clear sky, my body calmed, and when the chime sounded to signal twenty minutes, I was completely relaxed, centered, and better prepared to devote my attention to work.

Today I acted kindly by hand-writing and mailing cards to my nephews and niece.

“To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.”

-Phyllis Theroux

Bonus! Along this 108 journey, I have left many friendly notes for strangers (on Day 5 on a laundry machine, Day 8 in donated books, Days 12 and 90 on car windshields, Day 22 with a gift, Day 60 on doorsteps, Day 66 in bathroom stalls, Day 69 for a lonely girl, Day 74 with flowers, Day 95 with toys for kids… and that’s not including cards and letters!). Yesterday, instead, I was the recipient of one such note. While studying at a café in the evening, I turned to get something from my bag and noticed a folded note on the table. The front said “Hi!” with a smiley face. Amazed and confused, I opened the note and read: “You have a beautiful smile… don’t ever stop smiling! Sorry for staring.” No name. No number. My jaw dropped and I looked around the café, searching for the mysterious person who had left the note. A girl nearby smiled and said that she had seen a guy put it on the table as he was leaving. The point of me telling this story is to show that receiving a kind note from a stranger MADE MY DAY. I was so happy and shocked. It was such a simple, anonymous compliment, yet just thinking about it today made my day again. Positively influencing someone’s life can be that easy. So, as I have written many notes for this project without knowing how they were received, I now realize that if any of my notes (or indeed any of my “compassion actions”) have caused even ONE person to smile or feel giddy like I did… then mission accomplished.


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