Day 94

Today I learned about a cautionary perspective regarding neuroscience research. Whether or not you agree with his view, the author’s advice to “Recognize when you have reached the limits of your data and have moved into the realm of speculation. Despite the demands of the media, avoid the urge to publish premature or oversimplified conclusions,” is important for any scientific discipline.

Today I meditated for 17 minutes, doing a body-scan mindfulness meditation.

Today I acted kindly by writing and mailing a letter to the owner of the construction company that has been digging up my street for the last month, to commend his personnel for going above and beyond what is required of them. The workers are not only friendly, courteous, and conscious of pedestrian safety, but they also help old ladies who are struggling to get out of cars (which I have seen on two occasions), for instance. So the letter basically said, Bravo for proactively turning an inconvenient situation into a positive experience.


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