Day 87

Today I learned a worthwhile consideration about learning: Namely, not everything is worth learning. I love learning, and I love learning about pretty much any topic, but I think that Sherlock Holmes makes a good point.

“Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.”

-Thomas H. Huxley

Today I meditated for 17 minutes, half of mindfulness, half of loving-kindness (or metta, or compassion) cultivation. One thing (of many things) that I love about meditation is deliberately giving myself permission to let go of the control of thoughts, to release any rumination about my to-do list, to cease mind-wandering in the imaginary future or past, and instead to really be here and now—present, aware, alive, enjoying being alive.

Today I acted kindly by stopping, in the midst of hurrying to class, to hold doors open for and help two girls who were struggling to carry a table into a building.



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