Day 85

Today I learned the meaning of the word “gentrification” (which I read here). It means the renewal of deteriorated neighborhoods by middle- or upper-income people, which can displace lower-income residents.

Today I meditated for 12 minutes. First I focused my attention on the sounds in my surroundings, then on my sensations, and finally on my breathing. I also experienced multiple moments throughout today in which I was completely absorbed in my work or thoughts, until the awareness that is cultivated through meditation seemed to “wake me up” and to refresh my general mindfulness. Very cool.

“All too often people come to meditation in the hope of extraordinary results… But the real miracle of meditation is more ordinary and much more useful… a subtle transformation…”

-Sogyal Rinpoche

Today I acted kindly by delivering a hand-written thank-you card to someone who was kind to me recently and a hand-written congratulations card to someone who has reason to celebrate. It’s been a weekend of gratitude! (and of work…)



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