Day 84

Today I learned about the eclectic architecture of Alvar Aalto in the early- and mid-1900’s: “The notion of relating all functions to the emotional and physical well-being of people is the distinguishing feature of Aalto’s understanding of human Functionalism, which was to become the hallmark of his work” (from Alvar Aalto: Toward a Human Modernism).

Today I meditated for 10 minutes. Like yesterday, food for thought on meditation: Sogyal Rinpoche’s advice for what to do when your mind is amiss and you feel more vegetated than alert (it happens to everyone, even monks!) is, “Alert yourself, straighten your back, breathe the stale air out of your lungs, and direct your awareness into clear space to freshen your mind. If you remain in this stagnant state, you will not evolve; so whenever this setback arises, clear it again and again.”

Today I acted kindly by mailing hand-written thank-you cards to two people who have helped me in the past week.



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