Day 81

Today I learned that daffodils are phototropic, meaning they orient in the direction of the sun. I observed a pot of daffodils on my windowsill face and lean toward the left (east) this morning and toward the right (west) this afternoon.

Today I meditated for 10 minutes of mindfulness. Today is one of those days on the brink of no-human-should-have-this-much-to-do-all-at-once; it seems like a waste of precious time to sit and “do nothing” for 10-30 minutes, right? Well, here’s when meditation as practice becomes practical. All that focusing on the present moment, that concentrating on my breathing, that letting go of distracting thoughts… can it help me to efficiently get through my work? As many advocates proclaim, can mindfulness boost my productivity? I like experiments. So beginning tomorrow, I’m going to test the application of mindfulness meditation in every day life for one no-human-should-have-this-much-to-do-all-at-once week. Let’s see if being more mindful helps me to be less mind-full.

Today I acted kindly by making people laugh!

“Laughing is bad for you.”

-No one. Ever.



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