Day 77

Today I learned about the invention of bandages that detect infections via electrochemical sensors.

Today I meditated for 20 minutes on the theme of happiness.

Today I am acting kindly by making this offer: I really appreciate the wonderful people who have subscribed by email to join me on this journey. So, I will send something awesome in the mail to the FIRST THREE OF YOU who comment on this post to say WHAT HAPPINESS MEANS TO YOU (comments are only visible to me, so don’t worry if you prefer anonymity).**

**Update: Thank you for your stellar responses! The first three said happiness, to them, is “brilliant spiritual revelation or enlightenment, a feeling of elation mentally, and warm fuzzy feelings over my body”, “being able to share my love of cooking with others”, and “lying in bed on a Sunday morning relaxing and watching movies while ignoring the outside world”. I love how happiness means something different to everyone.



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