Day 75

Today I learned about the upsurge of tuberculosis in Russian prisons, particularly in the 1990’s, and about the remarkable microbe-resistance of ants. (Speaking of which, ants may be the coolest species ever. Each ant has a specialized role within its colony so that they are inherently interdependent. In other words, ants behavior is a prime example of selflessness and cooperation.)

Today I meditated for 20 minutes on my breathing.

Today I acted compassionately when a girl (who I had never before spoken with) fainted while giving a presentation in one of my classes. I jumped up, helped to position her safely lying down, rubbed her back while she came back to consciousness, comforted her while she calmed down, gave her water, got her belongings organized, eventually walked her outside, talking and sitting with her until the paramedics came, and waited by her side until they took her to the hospital.

Something similar happened a few months ago when I witnessed a girl get hit by a car. Both times, I realized that my career absolutely must include caring for people in need, because there is some internal thing that happens, that takes over Kasley’s mind and body in these situations, that I can’t take credit for nor explain; it is a calm and focused intuition, an instinctive readiness to be compassionate, and only afterward, when I am no longer needed, do I feel shaken. I think this must be why I am alive.



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