Day 71

Today I learned about an interesting perspective on how to evaluate nonprofits and charities.

Today I meditated for 15 minutes, focusing on my breathing. Each time my mind wanders, I acknowledge this and bring my attention back to the breath. An important element of meditation is returning one’s attention without judgement or commentary. Indeed, recognition that the mind has wandered indicates a deeper awareness, and refocusing one’s attention represents the choice to not be governed by thinking; these goals are attained through nonjudgmental observation. Another important and related element is non-attachment to outcomes.

Today I acted kindly by giving a hand-written thank-you card to the lady who cleans the hallways of my building every Sunday. We had a nice chat and, when I gave her the card, she was completely surprised and said, “Thank you! That just made my day!” The feeling that I had from hearing her say that was nonsensically giddy and happy (which is often a side-effect of these daily compassion actions). It’s amazing to discover that I have the ability to make someone’s day, even with such a simple gesture, and that, by extension, doing so can make my day too (which reminds me of the quotes on Days 55 and 68).

(P.S.  YOU can make someone’s day…)



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