Day 64

Today I learned about chaos theory and the butterfly effect. Here’s a short video (5 minutes) that explains it in understandable terms.

Today I meditated for 20 minutes. For the first half, I used a guided awareness/mindfulness meditation, as described in previous posts. For the latter half, I turned off the audio and continued the meditation on my own. On one hand, guided meditations (i.e. audio recordings by meditation teachers, or in-person group meditations) can be very helpful for beginner practitioners to familiarize with the process and for practitioners of all experience levels to keep the mind on track and avoid wandering off with thoughts. As well, they have triggered insights, ideas, and understanding that I might not have had on my own. On the other hand, as my practice has deepened over time, I sometimes find that they distract my concentration and can even dilute the experience.

“Fill yourself with silence; you will find life, and your body shall flourish upon earth.”


Today I acted kindly by baking and decorating cupcakes—lemon cake with French vanilla icing and fresh strawberries on top—and giving them to friends. Spreading joy (and carbs, but mostly joy) one cupcake at a time… plus, a nice break from doing work!



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