Day 58

Today I learned about how we domesticated wolves… or rather, how wolves domesticated us?

Today I meditated for 20 minutes. For the first half, I practiced mindfulness of sounds: I turned my awareness to every noise around me, thereby grounding myself in my environment, and focused my attention on their vibrations entering my ears. For the second half, I practiced inward mindfulness by observing “thoughts as if they are clouds passing across an expensive sky” (quoted from an audio guided meditation). The idea is to train one’s consciousness to step back and just observe the mind’s ceaseless chatter, because thoughts are fabricated and transient, yet they usually dominate and define our experience of the world; the goal is to reside in simple awareness, because “you are not your thoughts”. To me, this is the most challenging and perhaps the most rewarding kind of meditation.

Today I acted kindly by recycling plastics, glass, and cardboard that have accumulated in my kitchen cupboard over the past 6 months (!). You’re welcome, Earth. You’re welcome, Kasley’s kitchen.



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