Day 57

Today I learned all about the life of Donald O. Hebb and about his contributions to psychology and neuroscience.

Today I meditated for 25 minutes. As requested by several of you (wonderful people; thank you for taking an interest!), I am going to start writing a little about my meditation experiences. I have been reluctant to do this, because I was not initially sure what to share and because I think that meditation can be personal, contemplative, even spiritual. There are many kinds of meditation and many different ways of meditating. My practice varies a lot, so each day’s post will give you a different flavor. Today I did a guided meditation in which I visualized feeling energy, oxygen, blood, health, and well-being circulating in my heart, lungs, and entire body. This included being attentive to and grateful for the amazing, automatic wisdom of my body (of all human bodies), operating perfectly without any conscious instruction. By the end, I felt thoroughly connected to, harmonized with, and centered in my body (rather than absorbed in my mind), as well as energized yet completely peaceful.

Today I acted kindly by hand-writing and delivering a card to my old-lady friend (who was the compassion-action recipient of Days 30 and 44).



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