Day 54

Today I learned that the universe consists of more matter than antimatter. So, poetically speaking, if we take matter as symbolizing the positive and antimatter as representing the negative, the universe is an optimist

Today I meditated for 10 minutes.

Today I acted kindly by encouraging a group of people waiting for the bus in the rain to get on before me, and by posting the following message on mirrors in several women’s washrooms: “Warning! Reflections in this mirror may be distorted by socially constructed ideas of beauty.”


Eating disorders and body dissatisfaction are very real, very prevalent issues in North American society (more info here). Thus, when I saw a picture of a similar sign on a website (I cannot take credit for message originality, although I designed this version), it struck me as a creative and important statement. Indeed, I paused and thought about how I look at myself in the mirror—whether I focus on critiquing perceived flaws or if I am kind to my reflection—and about how I should see myself. So, if as much as one other girl reads it and reflects on (and hopefully improves!) how she perceives herself, then I think that posting the signs merits being a compassion action.



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