Day 46

“In our relentless search for ‘development’ and material progress, it is possible we have alienated ourselves from our deepest human needs, which surely lie in our connections to each other and the Earth.”

-Stephen Corry

Today I learned about Amazonian tribes that have still never been in contact with outsiders. This article presents such tribes as being very collectivist and community-oriented (which they infer from tribes who have been contacted), with each person considered a component of the tribe and of nature, rather than an individual entity. Their united lifestyle begs comparison to the independence of industrialized societies and, the article continues, to resulting phenomena like loneliness or depression. For all our technological and medical advances, our knowledge, our globalized communication, and so on, are we better off? Despite being so “connected”, are we any less isolated or any more meaningfully connected than the members of a remote tribe? Or might the tribes have been romanticized? Food for thought.

Today I meditated for 20 minutes.

Today I acted kindly by offering to be a pen-pal mentor with a student at a girl’s school on the other side of the world. Fingers crossed and stay tuned for updates on this!



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