Day 43

Today I learned about why we are more drawn to mathematical, geometric designs and perceive them as more beautiful, which is true for things in nature (e.g. leaf veins) and for the layout of paragraphs, artwork, building façades, and more. Essentially, we subconsciously like patterns because they simplify our task of perceiving the world; our brains want efficiency when processing stimuli. Similarly, I knew from psychology research that we are more attracted to symmetrical faces because they are easier to process visually (= perceptual bias), or because we associate facial symmetry with good health, which is desirable in a mate (= evolutionary advantage). (Bonus! Some thoughts on healthy design and the beauty of math.)

Today I meditated for 25 minutes.

Today I acted kindly by tipping very generously at a restaurant. (Having worked as a waitress once upon a time, I know how much this is appreciated!)



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