Day 40

Today I learned about the origins of Valentine’s Day. The name comes from several Christian martyrs. In particular, one Saint Valentine was persecuted for his faith and executed for trying to convert the Roman Emperor, Claudius II. First, however, he enabled many clandestine, forbidden marriages and performed a miracle to heal the jailor’s blind daughter. The two fell in love and he wrote her a card on the day of his execution, February 14th (hence why we celebrate on today), signing it “From your valentine” (hence why we use that phrase). Also, Saint Valentine reportedly gave parchment hearts to persecuted Christians as a reminder of God’s love (hence the heart-symbol for Valentine’s Day). However, the origins are not all cupids and chocolates and romance… check out the more gruesome beginnings here.

Today I meditated for 15 minutes.

Today I acted kindly by delivering hand-written, anonymous Valentine’s Day cards—with heart-shaped confetti inside the envelopes, obviously—to 5 random houses (…at 5:30 in the morning, to be sneaky, and so that the cards would be in recipients’ mailboxes when they woke up).



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