Day 22

Today I learned about the relationship between architecture and mental health. At the beginning of the 20th century, many proclaimed that society’s illnesses—especially arising from then-new stresses of over-stimulating, industrialized cities—could be healed through carefully planned environments. The Purkersdorf Sanatorium near Vienna, designed by Josef Hoffmann, is a prime example of a facility built to heal common nervous ailments with its simple, regulated, functional space.

Today I meditated for 10 minutes.

Today I acted kindly by taping an envelope to the front door of one of my favorite local secondhand bookstores; the envelope contained two vouchers for a show at a local theater (passed on to me for the exact purpose of “paying it forward”). I addressed it to the genial shopkeeper—who describes independent bookstores as an endangered species and feels historical obligation to be their caretaker—with the note: “You and your bookstore bring cheer to many people. Enjoy an evening of music as thanks! From, a stranger who loves books too.”


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