Day 21

Today I learned about the notion of transitional objects, put forth by David Winnicott in 1953. The gist is that baby blankets, stuffed animals, etc. are childhood “transitional objects” that represent to the child both part of the self and part of external reality; they are symbolic of coping with separation from our mothers and developing acceptance of independent existence. According to Winnicott, although we abandon these comforting objects, we continuously search for that kind of unity between our inner self and the external, such as feeling “at one” with the world. (Bonus! Is your mind hungry? Some food for thought: this and this.)

Today I meditated for 15 minutes.

Today I acted kindly by conversing with elders for an hour at the local retirement residence. I was amazed by the life stories of Trudy, Beatrice, and Joan, and at learning that the oldest resident (104 years old last week!) still goes for walks by herself every day.



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